For Professionals

The Champlain Valley Area of Narcoitcs Anonymous would like to provide your organization with up-to-date meeting lists and free NA literature so you can provide them to your clients. Just send us an e-mail stating where and to whom you would like our information to be mailed.




Resources for Professionals

Information about NA: Includes facts about the history of NA, organizational philosophy, and membership demographics.

Membership Survey: Contains the results of a biennial survey of approximately 17,492 NA members.

NA: A Resource in Your Community: This pamphlet provides information about local NA services that may be available such as public service announcements, phonelines, literature sales, and NA presentations for health fairs, schools and professional conferences.

An Introduction to NA Meetings: Offers a welcoming introduction, and explains practices unfamiliar to those at their first meetings, and provides tips for groups to preserve an atmosphere of recovery.

In Times of Illness: This relied-upon booklet was recently revised to reflect members’ experiences with challenges such as mental health issues, chronic illness and pain, and supporting members with illnesses. It includes section summaries in the table of contents.

NA Groups and Medication:  Our Twelve Traditions remind us that medication use is a member’s personal decision, and is an outside issue for NA groups. This piece is intended for groups as they consider this issue. It does not address members’ personal decisions, nor does it try to change members’ opinions about medication. Groups are often better able to carry the message and welcome everyone when members come together to discuss this issue.

Narcotics Anonymous and Persons Receiving Medication-Assisted Treatment: This pamphlet is intended for professionals who prescribe medication to treat drug addiction. The service pamphlet NA Groups and Medication listed in the pamphlet contains a broader discussion of NA members and other medications.

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